Heavy Duty Scrap Cable Stripper

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Heavy Duty Scrap Cable Stripper

  • Model:KS-S500 Series
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The versatile heavy duty scrap cable stripper is especially designed for recyclinglarge scrap cables, it features several stripping channels that can strip anytype of wires ranging from 1.5mm to 200mm in diameter. It offers a lucrative equipmentfor your wire recycling business. Fast strippingspeed, excellent recycling effect, economic and durable! These machines areeasy to operate and only require simple maintenance. It replaced thetraditional labor force, improved the recycling efficiency and created economicbenefit for the users. These heavy-duty cable strippers are suitable for anextensive application range from 1.5-150mm diameter cables and wires.

Model KS-S501 KS-S502 KS-S503 KS-S504 KS-S505
Available Cable Size Φ1.5-98mm  φ1.5mm-φ150mm φ1.5mm-φ150mm  φ10mm-φ200mm φ65mm-φ150mm 
Daily Output 200-5000Kg  200Kg-10000Kg 1000Kg-8000Kg  1200Kg-10000Kg  1200Kg-10000Kg 
Power 220V/3.0KW 
380V/4 KW 
Net Weight  240Kg 285Kg 270Kg  300Kg  360Kg 
Dimension 850×600×125mm 930mm×550mm×1320mm 860mm×550mm×1280mm  900mm×580mm×1350mm  600mm×790mm×1300mm