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Automatic Wire Sealing Crimping and Tin Soldering Machine

KS-T103 Series
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Our KS-T103 Series are multi-function automatic wire crimping and tin soldering machines, one side stripping twisting and tin soldering, another side crimping, waterproof sealing or shrink tube inserting functions are optional. Reliability and top production performance coupled with multiple function are the features that make this automatic crimping and tin soldering machine such a compelling product.
Sealing and Crimping Crimping & Soldering
Model KS-T103A KS-T103B KS-T103C
Functions Cutting & Stripping
Twisting & Tinning
Terminal Crimping
Cutting & Stripping
Twisting & Tinning
Waterproof Sealing
Terminal Crimping
Cutting & Stripping
Twisting & Tinning
Terminal Crimping
Shrink Tube Inserting
Wire Size Range 0.05 ~ 4mm2 (AWG30 ~ AWG11)
Stripping Length Wire Head: Max. 10mm, Wire Tail: Max. 14mm
Cutting Length  45 ~ 9999mm
Length Accuracy ±(0.002mm×Length)
Available Terminals Side Feed Terminals, End Feed Terminals
Crimping Force 2.0Ton
Crimping Stroke 30mm or 40mm
Air Pressure 0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa
Power Supply 220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz