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Terminal Crimping Machine with Crimping Force Monitor

  • Model:KS-T913 Series
  • Brand:
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Thiscrimping machine adopted servo motor and PLC control system. With touch screenoperation, the crimping height can realize digital adjustment. Largely improvedcrimping accuracy and efficiency.

Crimpingforce control system is one of KS-T913’S optional function, which can providereal time monitoring and guarantee product quality.

Themain function of KS-T913 including program storage, mode switch, crimpingspeed, manual mode, waster material cut off, back paper recycling, time delayfeeding, etc.


Crimping Force: KS-T9132 2.5T / KS-T9134 4T

Stroke: 30mm/40mm

Power Supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz

Power Rating: 1.5Kw

Net. Weight: 80Kg

Dimensions: 860x500x1450mm