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Automatic Wire Stripping and Bending Machine

KS-W01 Series
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The fully automatic wire cutting stripping and bending machine is especially designed for processing BV wires, it can not only strip the both ends but also bend the wire into any angle in a 2D plane. Thanks to the optimized bending mechanism farther away from the cutter unit, there is less space constraints on the shape to be bent.
Stripping and Bending
Model KS-W011 KS-W012
Wire Size 0.1 ~ 16mm2 0.1 ~ 25mm2
Tube Diameter Φ1.5 ~ 10mm Φ4 ~ 16mm
Cutting Length Max. 99999.9mm
Stripping Length Wire Head: 0 ~ 80mm      Wire Tail: 0 ~ 30mm
Bending Section Max. 13 Sections
Power Supply 175 ~ 250V      50/60Hz
Net. Weight 52Kg 55Kg
Dimension 600×550×450mm