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Administrative Manager in Shanghai

2021-03-12 00:00:00 Shanghai 1

Administrative Manager

Job description

  1. Responsible for the company's human resources, administrative management work.

  2. Responsible for the establishment and improvement of the company and organization structure, system process, such as salary system performance and implementation.

  3. Responsible for the human resources planning, enact administrative and budget, control and management of the company of executive and expenditure.

  4. Construction enterprise internal good enterprise culture, strengthen enterprise spirit, team spirit propaganda.

  5. The company responsible for the management of decision making, establish and maintain important social relationship resources.

Position requires

  1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in business administration, administrative, human resources management related disciplines, with human resources office at or above the intermediate level certificate.

  2. 5 years group company personnel executive assistant manager position working experience.

  3. Have strong organization, coordination and communication skills, team leader.

  4. With strong outside public relations and arrangements for the reception ability.

  5. Have good social connections, professional image and personal diathesis.

  6. Have good enterprise image planning and promotion and culture construction experience.