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Wire stripper affects wire harness production in automobile industry

2022-11-01 09:41:01 美工

When it comes to wire stripping equipment, we can quickly associate it with harness production, because wire stripping equipment is a major force in harness production and can play an important role to a certain extent. The wire stripper is an important production equipment in our wire harness production industry. It is mainly used to strip the plastic sheath and metal core wrapped in wires, etc., and is widely used in this market. The wire harness production industry is an important industry in our life. For example, the production of automobiles cannot be separated from the wire harness production. The production and processing of automobile wire harness is generally divided into four stages: wire stripping, crimping, pre assembly and final assembly. The production quality of wire stripping equipment directly affects the entire production progress, so most manufacturers need to use and operate the equipment in a standardized way during the production process, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

We all know that the operation and use of wire stripping equipment will directly affect the entire wire harness production industry. Once the problem of too long or too short occurs, all our stations need to restart during this period, which will seriously affect our production and also affect the production efficiency.

With the constant change of science and technology, the types of wire stripping equipment have gradually begun to be diversified and diversified! In the market, there are many kinds of wire stripper products, but the quality is different, which leads to many manufacturers taking many detours when purchasing wire stripper. In the manufacturing process of automobile wire harness, its difficulty coefficient is also more difficult than other ordinary wire harness processing. In the past, the traditional wire harness processing method can not guarantee the processing accuracy at all. Generally, we will choose high-performance wire stripper to solve this problem.