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How to Improve the Quality of Automatic Terminal Machine

2022-11-17 15:45:35 美工

The automatic terminal machine is a high-speed terminal machine, which has a high degree of automation, so whether it can operate stably has become the focus of everyone's attention. In fact, it is a question of how to ensure the quality of the automatic terminal machine. Now we will introduce how to improve the quality of the automatic terminal machine.

1: Material awareness. The use of materials was not careless, and the quality inspection was carried out in strict accordance with the regulations. These are the basis for ensuring the quality of the terminal machine. For the parts that need to be imported, they should be imported according to the regulations, and for the parts purchased at home, the quality should be carefully controlled and full inspection should be carried out.

2: Establish a high standard and high quality customer awareness. It is necessary to take customers as the center, treat the partners around as customers, treat yourself as the operator of the next process, and transform your position into a consumer of goods. Only in this way can we consciously do a good job of all operations in the operation, and the quality of the company's products can be guaranteed if every job is done well. If someone cheats on work and materials in the operation, it will damage the vital interests of the automatic terminal machine company and himself.

3: Establish a sense of prevention of commodity quality. " The quality of goods is made, produced, planned, and certainly not checked. We need to do a good job at the top time. " This is by no means just a slogan, which is an excellent expression of the risk prevention of product quality. If the product quality is not controlled from the source, it will be difficult for us to ensure the product quality of the entire production line. Even if a lot of quality inspectors are set up to check the production, a large number of defective goods will continue to appear due to the lack of control from the source during production, and the production cost of the goods will increase significantly, causing a heavy burden on the company's production.

4: Establish the program awareness of the quality of automatic terminal machine. Quality control is a whole process and a company. It is necessary for each individual and each part of the company to connect in an orderly and efficient manner. All quality control personnel and production operators are requested to strictly follow the procedures. If they do not follow the procedures, the possibility of making mistakes will be greatly increased, and the quality of the automatic terminal machine will not be guaranteed.

5: Establish a sense of responsibility for quality. Most people think that 80% of the quality problems of goods are caused by management, and only 20% of the problems are caused by employees. That is to say, the controllable defects of quality control management personnel account for about 80%, and the controllable defects of production operators are usually less than 20%. The following are guidelines for controllable defects of difference production operators and controllable defects of quality control managers. 

  • The production staff know how and why they do it; 

  • The production staff knows whether the commodities they produce meet the standard requirements;

  • The production staff knows what the consequences will be if the goods they produce do not meet the requirements;

  • The production staff has the ability to correctly handle the abnormal conditions.