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Advantages of computer wire stripping machine

2022-11-03 09:57:35 美工

1. Use servo motor to control the action of cutting and peeling to make the cutting length more precise.

2. Length conversion, full stripping and half stripping are set by means of keys, which is simple and fast.

3. The change of peeling length and cutter depth is simple and fast by fine-tuning rotation.

4. Speed can be divided into five sections, which can be set according to wire specifications to ensure stable production of both coarse and fine wires.

5. Each check-out standard has the functions of low pressure, abnormal cylinder jamming motor, uniform display of counts, etc. It can stop automatically when abnormal, and display the check-out on the human-machine interface, so as to facilitate the quick troubleshooting and reduce the downtime.

6. The main features are low technical requirements, less wire crimping, short adjustment time and easy operation.

7. It can be equipped with wire distributor to complete the action of routing, wire dividing, cutting and peeling, so as to improve production efficiency.

8. Processing speed is more than 4 times of that of semi-automatic stripping machine.