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How to Avoid False Soldering by Automatic Soldering Machine

2022-11-04 14:07:04 美工

The faulty soldering of the automatic soldering machine means that there is only a small amount of tin at the solder joint, resulting in poor contact. False soldering refers to that the surface of the weldment is not fully coated with tin, and the weldments are not fixed by tin. It is caused by that the surface of the weldment is not cleaned, the flux is used too little, and the welding time is too short. The so-called "late failure of solder joints" refers to that the quality of solder joints on the surface is acceptable without "overlap", "half spot welding" "Sharpening", "Copper exposed" When the welding defects are produced in the workshop, the assembled complete machine has no defects, but after the user has used it for a period of time, failures due to poor welding and poor conductivity occur frequently, which is one of the reasons for high early repair rate, namely "faulty welding". The quality of the solder joint will seriously affect the overall quality of the potentiometer, and it must be noted that no false soldering can occur. Here we will discuss how to control the phenomenon of false soldering during production and processing.

  • Wipe it frequently to keep the head of the soldering iron clean.

  • Notes on tin coating: If there are rust stains, dirt or oxides on the surface of weldments and solder joints, they should be cleaned before welding before tin coating on the surface of weldments or solder joints.

  • The welding temperature shall be appropriate, neither too high nor too low.

  • The amount of tin should be moderate.

  • The welding time shall be well controlled and shall not be too long.

  • During the solidification of welding points, do not touch the welding points with your hands.

  • When a welding point is welded, the selection of the withdrawal angle of the soldering head is also particularly important.