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How to maintain the automatic thread cutting machine?

2022-11-04 14:08:59 美工

The cutting head is the core part of cutting, so we should focus on maintaining the cutting head. Check the wear of the blade during cutting. If the wear of the blade is too serious to meet the width set during cutting, replace it in time. Use a soft cloth to clean the oil stain, and use compressed air to clean the dust on the cutter head and pressure plate.

As the beam carrier for moving the cutter head, we also need to focus on maintenance. The method to detect the air leakage of the beam frame is generally to detect the sealing pressure plates on both sides of the X axis of the cutting area; For the maintenance of control cabinet: the control cabinet is the central control center, and the filter grid and filter inside often produce dust, so we should clean the dust in time; For the dust on the bracket, we can use a hair dryer to remove it.

During the operation of the automatic thread cutting machine, we should especially check the felt damage of the head moving guide rail, the condition of the cross bar pinion of the beam frame and the wear of the belt.

The automatic thread cutting machine is characterized by advanced technology, complex structure and high automatic intelligence, so our maintenance requirements for the automatic thread cutting machine are generally high.