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Why does the tin soldered by the automatic soldering machine bubble?

2022-11-04 14:12:42 美工

With the advent of the era of intelligent technology, intelligent robots are gradually being widely used. The automatic soldering machine is no stranger to many factories. The automatic soldering machine is called a soldering robot by the industry, and is a widely used soldering wire machine in modern society. It replaces the manual soldering station and is widely used in electroacoustic devices, automotive products, digital consumer electronics and other fields. The trend of many industries, then why does the tin that has been welded by the automatic soldering machine bubble? Let's introduce:

1、 Apparent cause

  • Damping problem: Due to moisture in the air, especially in rainy spring and humid weather, the solder wire or circuit board is affected with damp due to improper storage, which causes intermittent tin explosion or tin explosion.

  • Tin wire processing problem: In the process of producing solder wire, if the solder wire has cracks when passing through the wire drawing machine, the wire drawing oil will infiltrate with the cracks, that is, the phenomenon of tin explosion occurs during welding.

2、 Main reasons

In fact, the above two reasons are secondary, mainly because of the structure of the tin wire. Only when we realize this can we solve the real problem. The structure of the tin wire is that the tin is on the outside. There is a small tube inside the tin wire, which is filled with flux. When welding, once the high-temperature soldering iron head touches the solder wire, the flux in the solder wire melts rapidly and a large number of bubbles explode. Because the tin wire pipeline is sealed, a large number of bubbles generated will cause high pressure. When the pressure is greater than the pressure of the pipeline, it will cause the solder to explode, thus forming tin explosion.

The above content is about the reason why the soldering machine blisters. The application of automatic soldering machine has replaced the traditional manual welding operation mode, greatly improving the operation and production efficiency. The products welded by the automatic soldering machine have consistent solder joints and good quality stability. There is no requirement for welding technology of welders. Soldering function can effectively ensure the consistency, reliability and stability of welding, and improve the defective rate of products.