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Technical development trend of automotive wire harness

2022-11-07 10:47:08 美工

The application of new energy vehicles and the development of the automotive intelligent network integration have promoted the development of the automotive industry and the technological change, and also brought a new round of technical upgrade and transformation to the automotive wire harness industry. In the future, the automotive wire harness products will develop towards the direction of high pressure, lightweight, standardization, modularity and integration.

Safety, energy-saving and environmental protection are the permanent themes of the development of the automobile industry. Focusing on the technological progress and capability improvement in these fields, new energy, new materials, new processes and new vehicles are emerging constantly. The development of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen fuel, fuel cell and hybrid power is accelerating. Passenger vehicles are developing towards platforms, serialization, lightweight, miniaturization, energy-saving, environmental protection, electronics, intelligence and safety.

Analyzing from two dimensions of technology and value chain, the most disruptive future development trend of automobile industry can be summarized as "New Four Models", namely, electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing. These four changes are a kind of time-promoting, progressive and integrated relationship. Electricalization and networking promote intelligence, and sharing is the trend of future automobile life.