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Rapid development of automobile wire harness industry

2022-11-07 10:48:25 美工

Driven by the rapid growth of the automobile market scale, especially the rapid rise of Chinese brand cars, China's automobile wiring harness industry is surging, and the number and scale of wiring harness enterprises have developed rapidly, forming a huge market consisting of nearly 1000 primary and secondary automobile wiring harness supporting enterprises with an annual output value of nearly 100 billion yuan. At present, in China's automobile wiring harness industry, foreign trade joint ventures occupy a dominant position in the market. The overall market concentration of the industry is low, and there is fierce competition at low prices in the market. There is a huge gap between different domestic enterprises in terms of enterprise scale, management ability, R&D strength and equipment level. A relatively large number of domestic independent wire harness enterprises still have problems such as weak R&D capability, low product added value, high labor intensity, and inability to fully grasp the quality and new requirements of new processes. The gap between excellent domestic independent backbone wire harness enterprises and foreign-funded joint wire harness enterprises is gradually narrowing. Foreign funded joint wire harness enterprises and domestic independent wire harness enterprises are intertwined to share different demands of the automobile market.

Today, the automation level of automobile wire harness processing is still not high, and the automobile wire harness industry is still a labor-intensive industry. However, the production process of pure manual processing in the past, together with the workshop work site of conductor and parts, has long since ceased to exist. The front-end process of automobile wire harness processing has basically achieved semi automation or full automation; Semi automatic usually requires wire cutting and peeling machine and ultra silent semi-automatic terminal machine; Automatic terminal machine and other equipment are usually used for full automation; The pre assembly and final assembly processes of the back-end process are gradually getting rid of the assembly line and manual operation, and a large number of semi-automatic equipment and tools are introduced; MES and ERP systems are gradually popularized in the management of wire harness enterprises; Intelligent on-site auxiliary management system and warehouse management system are being promoted: "automobile harness manufacturing" is developing to "intelligent manufacturing of automobile harness".