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How to solve the problem of poor terminal fixation of terminal machine?

2022-11-08 13:34:16 美工

In case of poor terminal fixation of automatic terminal machine, the insulator not only plays an insulating role, but also usually provides accurate neutralization protection for extended contacts, and also has the function of installation and positioning, locking and fixing on the equipment. Poor fixation may cause instant power failure due to slight impact on contact reliability, or even terminal machine product disassembly. Disassembly refers to the abnormal separation between plugs and sockets and between pins and sockets caused by unreliable structure due to materials, design, process and other reasons when the wiring terminals are plugged in, which will cause serious consequences of the interruption of the electrical energy transmission and signal control of the control system computer stripping machine. Due to unreliable design, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding and other processes, and improper assembly, poor fixation will be caused.

The machining accuracy of automatic terminal refers to the degree to which the actual value of its size, shape, mutual position and other reference values are close to the ideal value after the parts are processed. The closer the actual value is to the ideal digit, that is, the smaller the processing error, the higher the processing accuracy. The machining accuracy of parts includes the accuracy of size, shape and position.

There are some metal residues on the surface and inside of the insulator of the automatic terminal machine, dust and flux on the surface are polluted and damped, organic materials and harmful gas adsorption film fuse with the water film on the surface to form ionic conductive channels, moisture absorption, mold growth, aging of insulation materials and other factors will lead to short circuit, low insulation resistance, electric leakage, breakdown and other poor insulation phenomena, The main function of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and arrangement, and to make the contacts and contacts, contacts and shells form an edge to each other for conveyor protection. Therefore, the insulator must have excellent electrical performance, especially with the wide application of high-density and miniaturized terminal blocks, the effective wall thickness of the insulator is getting thinner and thinner, which puts forward stricter requirements for the precision and process of the mold.

Some parts of the automatic terminal machine are very sharp, especially the automatic stripping position. Do not approach these parts until the power is cut off. After each work is completed and before leaving the post, the power should be disconnected. When a batch of terminals need to be replaced after processing, the power must be cut off first, and then the terminals must be replaced, instead of replacing them in order to save time. If any wire is stuck in the blade die during work, special tools shall be used to clear the wire before continuing to work.