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Why does the automatic stripping machine have poor contact?

2022-11-08 13:41:00 美工

Poor contact has long been a major cause of machine failures, from cell phones to computers to automatic stripping machines to aerospace equipment. Since this is such an important issue, of course, we need to pay attention to it. Let us together today analyze the poor contact of the automatic stripping machine.

For automatic stripping machines, one of the reasons for poor contact is the inner metal conductor terminals, which are the core of the terminal parts and transmit voltage, current or signal from external wires or cables to the corresponding contact element matching connectors. Because of its importance, we have a particularly high requirement for stable and reliable contact and good conductivity.

In fact, this is also a common factor, such as poor processing dimensions, such as unreasonable surface treatment processes such as heat treatment, plating, etc., poor storage environment, improper use and operation. In conclusion, these conditions will cause poor contact of automatic stripping machine.