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What is the configuration of the automatic stripping machine?

2022-11-09 14:12:09 美工

The parameters displayed on the installation panel of the automatic stripping machine are simple and accurate, which enables users to better understand the current state of the equipment. Before the automatic stripping machine is put into service, it will be debugged to check whether the performance of the equipment meets the requirements. Imported equipment is used for tool holder, gear and other components of the product, which undoubtedly ensures that the error reflected in the commissioning process of the equipment is much smaller than that of ordinary automatic stripping machine. When this part fails, both the extent of the failure and the time required for maintenance can be clearly seen, which is much smaller than the normal equipment.

The application of automatic stripping machine will produce considerable impact. In order to ensure the safety of workers, we not only need to master the correct procedures, but also pay attention to the entire operation process.

To use the automatic stripping machine, first turn on the power switch and the display light will come on. No need to rush to work after power is applied. First, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise inside the equipment. Stop maintenance immediately if abnormal vibration or noise occurs. After setting the main parameters and pressing the device start button, the internal system sends data signals to the server and transmits them to the driving motor in use through a series of components to complete the start-up and end work. It can be said that all work processes are automated, so they are more efficient.

When the temperature of automatic stripping machine is abnormal, stop the machine in time and check whether the temperature controller and temperature parameters are correct. For example, if the thermostat or heating tube is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If the parameters are wrong, the equipment should be set according to the parameters determined by the manufacturer of the automatic stripping machine, then transported several times to check whether the temperature is abnormal. If the equipment fails during operation, first check whether it was caused by operator's negligence, then check other parts of the equipment and power supply. In case of malfunction, repair and data adjustment should be carried out in time to avoid affecting other equipment.