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What items should be paid attention to in daily maintenance of stripping machine?

2022-11-09 14:13:57 美工

1. Stripping machine in daily use, pay attention to the temperature when the equipment is running as much as possible. If the temperature is too high, stop running the equipment in time. Otherwise, the equipment may be damaged.

2. Without knowledge of stripping machine, it is not easy to open the equipment or carry out corresponding maintenance work, because not only the problem can not be solved, but also other substances will enter the equipment, causing equipment damage.

3. Before and after the stripping machine is used, certain lubrication treatment is required to ensure the service life of the equipment. The degree of lubrication also determines the degree of wear during operation. For example, daily lubrication can reduce wear and tear when the equipment is running, improve the efficiency of the equipment and extend the service life of the automatic stripping machine.

4. Stripping machine must be operated by professionals while in operation and must not leave the position at will, because once problems arise in operation, the products will be damaged to a great extent. Normally, only need to pay attention to whether the sound inside the equipment is abnormal when it is running and whether the equipment components are loose.

5. Regular maintenance of automatic stripping machine must be done well. Any negligence will endanger the performance or personal safety of equipment. Many customers often fail in daily maintenance of equipment and leakage of equipment.