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How to use the stripping machine safer?

2022-11-09 14:15:22 美工

Stripping machine refers to the machine used for wire processing. It can press the hardware head to the end of the wire and conduct electricity. Stripping machines are typically made to make connections easier, to stabilize the two wires without welding, and to remove them only by pulling them out. So how to use the stripping machine safer?

Stripping machine is a common mechanical equipment in wire processing industry. Each mechanical equipment will have some potential safety hazards in use, so there are many relevant safety rules. In order to ensure the safety of stripping machine, staff need to master some basic operating knowledge.

When using the wire stripping machine, it is necessary to follow the correct steps. In the process of work, if there are abnormal conditions, the staff should not panic. First, the power supply should be cut off, and then professional maintenance personnel should be asked to check and maintain it. Maintenance personnel must be professional, otherwise the stripper is not allowed to be disassembled, as the internal parts of the machine are very fine and may not be able to be installed back.

Some parts of the stripping machine are very sharp, especially in the automatic stripping position, which must not be accessed at will. Please disconnect the power supply immediately after each work. If the die gets stuck in the wire during work, special tools are required to remove the wire before continuing work. As long as the staff have this knowledge, the service life of the stripping machine will be longer!