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Problems in the operation of winding machine

2022-11-10 13:41:45 美工

The winding machine is a device for winding a linear object onto a specific workpiece, usually used for winding copper wire. What problems usually occur in the operation of the winding machine, and how to solve them?

1. Alarm of winding machine servo driver

During the commissioning process, the automatic winding servo driver of the winding machine often gives fault alarm, which is usually caused by the abnormal communication between the encoder and the servo driver. After powering off the servo driver, unplug the connector CN2 between the encoder and the servo driver again, and after powering on again, the fault is removed.

2. Setting of servo following ability of winding machine

The following ability of the flat wire servo is set by the parameters of the servo driver. The larger the parameter value is set, the smaller the execution error of the position command will be, and the stronger the following ability will be; However, if this value is set too large, it is likely to cause vibration of the automatic winding machine. Therefore, the setting of parameter values should give consideration to both the winding machine and the tracking of position commands.

3. Tension when winding round wire

When winding, the tension of round wire is adjusted by the number of winding turns. When winding thin round wire, if the tension value is not adjusted properly, the thin wire will be stretched and thinned, and the insulating paint will fall off. Therefore, the manufacturer should summarize the appropriate number of winding turns for different round wire diameters.

4. Tension when winding flat wire

The tension is adjusted by adjusting the air pressure of disc brake pads when winding flat wires. We should also summarize the corresponding air pressure for different wire widths.