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What exactly are the stripping and terminal machines?

2022-11-11 11:43:01 美工

Vehicle wiring harness is an indispensable connecting line in the vehicle circuit. Like the nervous system of a human being, a car cannot start without a wiring harness and without a car circuit. Therefore, automotive wire harness is a necessary point for manufacturing automobiles. The processing technology of automotive wire harness mainly consists of opening process and crimping process. Many people are not particularly familiar with the processing equipment required for these two processes.

Stripping machine:

Peeling process is the first stop for automobile wire harness to enter production. The accuracy of wire peeling is directly related to the entire production schedule. In case of any error, especially the short size of wire peeling, it will lead to rework, time-consuming and laborious, and affect the production efficiency. The wire stripper can well meet the requirements of various automobile wire harnesses, and the processing precision of wire rods is also very high, which is very suitable for the processing of high standard automobile wire harnesses.

Terminal machine:

Crimping process is a very important station in automobile harness production engineering. The principle of crimping process is to produce and process raw materials (terminals, wires, sealing rings) into an important process of harness components, and the crimping process is usually operated by the terminal machine. The crimping process of automobile wire harness has very strict technical standards, mainly including the size and symmetry of pulling force. There shall be bell mouth on both sides of core crimping, no gap in the middle of core crimping, and no obvious sharp corner on the bottom.

The above is the introduction of two kinds of processing equipment required for automobile wire harness processing. In this era of automation, it is very important to choose good equipment, which not only reduces the wire loss, saves the processing cost, but also saves the required processing time and manpower, bringing more convenience to automobile wire harness manufacturers.