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Methods of Reducing Vibration of Automatic Terminal Machine

2022-11-11 11:45:24 美工

In the process of production and processing with terminal machine, the use of tools is very important. The vibration of tools in the cutting process is mainly manifested in the vibration phenomenon when the length is longer and the workpiece is thinner. In the process of high-speed cutting, there will be a lot of noise, which will also harm people's health. Proper and reasonable use of this fully automatic terminal machine equipment can greatly reduce noise and vibration.

The vibration during the use of the terminal machine can be divided into three modes: high-frequency vibration, medium frequency vibration and low-frequency vibration. There are many ways to reduce the vibration, such as using sharp tools, cutting slender workpieces with a 90 degree tool angle, adjusting the specific cutting parameters, and reasonably arranging the tool path.