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How to distinguish the quality of single head soldering machine?

2022-11-14 13:05:01 美工

Generally, it can be judged from the following four aspects:

1、 Stripping speed

For a single head soldering machine, the speed of wire stripping is very important. If the speed is too slow, it will not achieve the expected effect that the machine can replace manual work. The speed of an ordinary soldering machine is generally 2000-3000 times/hour, while that of a high-quality soldering machine is often 4000-8000 times/hour. Of course, the price will also be expensive, which is also a direct and effective way to distinguish the quality.

2、 Stripping error

The error is inevitable. Even if the computer directly controls it, the stripping error will be smaller and the natural quality will be higher. The error caused by different specifications is also obvious. At present, the error in the market can be controlled below 1mm+0.2% of the cutting length.

3、 Effect after stripping

The different lengths of stripped wires, indentation on the wire skin, uncleanness of the outer surface, and even copper wire peeling off are obviously the manifestations of substandard quality. From the actual effect after stripping, the quality of equipment can also be judged intuitively. On the contrary, high-quality single head soldering machine can naturally avoid this situation.

4、 Stripping sound

Judging from the sound, the sound of high-quality soldering machine is very small when stripping, while the noise of poor quality equipment will be loud and harsh.