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What should I do if the terminal machine suddenly stops during operation?

2022-11-15 13:11:18 美工

The terminal machine will not stop under normal working conditions, but how to solve the problem that the terminal machine suddenly stops working under working conditions?

When encountering such problems, first of all, we should understand the real reason why it suddenly stops working, and gradually find a solution! First, we should observe what problems have occurred, and then analyze the faults:

First, after the terminal machine is shut down, it is important to check whether the terminal machine data is set at the preset position. If you do not correctly debug the terminal machine before using it, the terminal machine will fail in use.

Secondly, check whether the number of meters reaches the preset value; Check whether the total value is set to 0; Whether the air pressure of the compressed air is too low. Find out the problem and solve it step by step: first, press the stop button to reset the ESC meter; secondly, set the total value and adjust the regulated air pressure to more than 0.4MPA.

In addition, we should also pay attention to that the daily maintenance of the automatic terminal machine should also be carried out step by step. For example, the lubrication points and friction parts of the automatic terminal machine should be refueled frequently, at least twice a day; Frequently check whether all parts of the machine work normally and whether all connectors and fasteners are loose. In case of looseness, fasten it in time. If organic parts are found to be worn, they must be replaced in time. It is very necessary to provide relevant training for operators. Only by doing a good job in daily maintenance and repair can the failure frequency of the terminal machine be reduced and the service life be increased.