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Precautions for installation of single head soldering machine

2022-11-15 13:13:45 美工

Single head soldering machine is a wire harness processing machine, which has a wide range of applications. After purchasing the single head soldering machine, what should be paid attention to during installation?

1、 Please place the single head soldering machine in a horizontal place that can fully bear the weight of the cutting machine to ensure the stability of the operation. If the installation is improper, the machine may fall down and cause personal injury, vibration and noise increase.

2、 When grounding, do not connect the wire to the gas pipe, water pipe, lightning rod and telephone wire. Because if the ground wire is not well connected, it may cause electric shock and operation error, and the loss caused at this time is incalculable.

3、 Install the leakage circuit breaker on the single head soldering machine. The purpose is to reduce accidents caused by electric leakage.

4、 Prepare for heat release and waterproof. In other words, do not install the single head soldering machine in hot places, high humidity places, rainy places, etc., because it is very easy to have failures.