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What are the common interface types of connectors for wire harness processing

2022-11-15 13:14:23 美工

Harness is a common wiring part in daily life, which is mainly used for different electrical equipment. How many common connector interfaces are there for harness processing?

1、 USB interface connector, which is widely used, is now the mainstream. Its advantages are stable and fast, and it can support multiple types of computers. Its disadvantages are that the price of the central control chip is slightly higher. In addition, some data lines do not support the function of mobile phone brushing.

2、 HDMI type. Many people of this type feel it works well when they use it. It is very necessary to connect the computer directly to the TV and projector.

3、 VGA interface and the type of DVI interface used. This type of interface works very well in use.

4、 The COM interface, also known as the serial port, connects to the back of the desktop computer. The advantage is that the price is cheap, and it supports mobile phone brushing. Some mobile phones can only use COM interface connectors for wiring brushing. The disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to disassemble, it does not support laptops, and the transmission speed is relatively slow.