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The 2022 connector wire harness processing industry exhibition will be held in Shenzhen on August 23 as scheduled

2022-11-16 13:47:54 美工


The 12th Shenzhen International Connector, Cable Harness and Processing Equipment Exhibition 2022, sponsored by Hong Kong Trade and Exhibition Group and Guangdong Connector Association, was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 23-25, 2022 as scheduled. As the first large-scale professional event in the connector and cable harness processing and manufacturing industry this year, this exhibition attracted much attention. Focusing on the most urgent needs of enterprises and industries, it is committed to boosting industry confidence Stimulate the market vitality, smooth the supply and demand connection, maintain the stability of the industrial chain supply chain, play a huge role in enhancing the market vitality, promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the development of emerging industries, and create a more influential brand event in the industry.


This will be a "one-stop" industrial ecological chain event, focusing on industrial applications and helping industrial interconnection. The exhibition will attract many industry giants, "specialized, special and new" and high-tech enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The new products, new technologies, new materials, new processes and new equipment that will be intensively displayed cover 3C electronics, automobile manufacturing, electrical appliance manufacturing, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, railway and rail transit, communications, semiconductors, lighting Application solutions and new directions for future technology development in major industries such as robots, industrial automation, charging piles and electric power electricians.

The exhibition products include connectors/terminals, connectors, USB Type-C, high-frequency data wires, wire harnesses applied in various industries, new energy wire harness processing technology, FARKA/HSD automatic production line, wire harness processing equipment, connector manufacturing technology and instruments, application materials, wiring equipment, etc.


High quality exhibitors gather

Driven by the rapid development of 5G communication, consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, rail transit and other industries, it has also directly driven the rapid growth of the market demand for connectors, cables and harnesses in China. At the exhibition, many domestic and foreign connector manufacturing and cable harness processing and manufacturing new forces are rising, showing the latest innovation achievements one after another, and seizing the beach to layout emerging markets.