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How to Select Automobile Harness Materials

2022-11-16 13:52:51 美工

The production purpose of the design, manufacture and installation of the front end of the automobile harness is to combine the wires of related electrical appliances and bind them. It mainly shows the connection part of the electrical appliances for wire harness, the mark of the terminal, the shape and position of the wire head and connector, etc., and the automobile circuit that can be actually contacted on the automobile. When receiving the demand, the wire harness processing plant needs to first understand the functions and special needs of the automobile parts, and then follow up the specific requirements to select the automobile wire harness materials. How to select the automobile wire harness materials according to the requirements?


The following influencing factors are mainly considered in the design of automobile wire harness:

1. The contact resistance between current carrying elements is low;

2. The insulation strength between current carrying elements with different potentials is high;

3. Good sealing performance to prevent water, moisture and salt mist intrusion;

4. In the case of vehicle assembly/maintenance, it can be easily and safely connected/disconnected with non reversibility;

5. Reliable and obvious locking action and clear disconnection state;

6. Flexibility and adaptability to automatic harness manufacturing and transportation.

Materials selected according to influencing factors of automobile wire harness are as follows:.

1. It is determined according to the insulation degree of the wire, the current passing through and the required mechanical strength.

2. For electrical equipment working for a long time, conductors with 60% of actual current carrying capacity can be selected; For electrical equipment that works for a short time, conductors with actual current carrying capacity of 60%~100% can be selected.

3. Automobile electrical appliances are low-voltage power supply, with large working current and voltage loss. Excessive voltage loss will affect the normal operation of electrical equipment. Therefore, when selecting the cross-sectional area of the conductor, ensure that the voltage loss does not exceed a certain value: 12V system is not greater than 0.5V, 24V system is not greater than 1.0V. The actual working current of the conductor shall not be greater than the allowable current carrying capacity of the conductor.

4. When the first two items are met, the mechanical strength of the conductor shall also be considered. The minimum section distance of the specified low-voltage line shall not be less than 0.5mm ².

5. High voltage line mainly considers withstand voltage value and core resistance (6K Ω~25K Ω/m).

The functions of wear resistance, water resistance and sealing must be taken into account for the automobile wire harness, especially at the interface between the engine and the cab, the interface between the front compartment and the cab (2 left and right), the interface between the four doors (or back door) and the compartment, and the entrance of the mailbox.