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Safety operation procedures for semi-automatic terminal machine

2022-11-18 13:17:05 美工

Semi automatic terminal machine is a very common wire harness processing equipment in the market, with strong applicability and low price, so it is very popular in the market at present. For buyers, they do not know much about the semi-automatic terminal machine. Therefore, many people extend the operation method of the full-automatic terminal machine to the semi-automatic terminal machine body. However, the two types of machines are very different, and the operation method is different because of the different working methods.

1. Before turning on the power, try the foot switch to ensure normal operation.

2. When the machine is started, if any abnormal sound is found, the equipment technician shall be notified in time for inspection.

3. The power supply must be cut off for debugging when adjusting the mold and tool holder. Adjust the crimping height of the machine, and manually test the crimping in the direction of rotation.

4. When starting the equipment, first enter the main screen, and then debug the relevant processing parameters.

5. The staff shall not move or dismantle the equipment, testing instruments or adjust the parameters set by the equipment without authorization, and shall contact the equipment technician if necessary.

6. During operation, the wire shall be placed in the middle of the clamping claw to prevent wire clamping.

7. If there is a new type of wire rod to be processed, the equipment technician shall adjust the equipment parameters first. During the adjustment, the machine shall be shut down first and then the parameters shall be adjusted. Only when the adjustment is in the best state can the machine be handed over for processing.

8. In case of any abnormality or abnormal detection result during use, the equipment shall be terminated immediately, and the equipment technician shall conduct debugging, repair and calibration before putting into use.

9. When it is confirmed that there is a deviation in the inspection equipment, the previously inspected products shall be re evaluated and re inspected if necessary. If the products are found to be unqualified due to the problems of the inspection equipment, the processing parameters of the machine shall be re adjusted before re processing.

10. Keep your hands away from the range of upper and lower riveting knives to avoid injury.