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What is the development space of the automatic terminal machine industry in the next ten years

2022-11-18 13:18:03 美工

Since Faraday discovered the law of electromagnetic induction, the application scope of electricity has been rapidly expanded, especially since the 21st century. With the rapid development of industrialization, mechanization and intelligence, especially the proposal of Industry 4.0 in Europe and Made in China 2025, the application of electricity in industry has occupied an essential important position. Therefore, the wire harness processing equipment -- the fully automatic terminal machine industry has developed very rapidly.

Although the market of automatic terminal machine industry has been saturated after years of development, its development space is still large. In the next decade, the development space and direction of automatic terminal machine industry mainly include the following four aspects:

1. The industrial cluster effect of full-automatic terminal machines is still not high. In the next decade, the industry will be clustered;

2. At present, the main components of the domestic full-automatic terminal machine, such as the key core components such as bearings, still have a big gap with foreign countries. The core components are mainly imported, so the core components of the full-automatic terminal machine will be an important direction of future development;

3. With the proposal of Made in China 2025, the overall R&D capability of domestic enterprises will be greatly improved;

4. With the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, more and more enterprises choose to go abroad and go to the world. A wider space is waiting for us to open up.