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What are the main mechanisms of the automatic winding machine?

2022-11-21 10:39:20 美工

The automatic winding machine is mainly composed of a frame, a winding spindle mechanism, a wire arranging mechanism, a winding clamp, a tension mechanism and a control system. The winding machine uses frequency converter to control the motor as the driving force, which effectively ensures the stable control of the motor by the frequency converter at low speed. The specific structure of the winding machine includes the following:

1. Spindle mechanism of winding machine

The winding machine is driven by three-phase AC asynchronous motor to rotate the synchronous belt and transmission shaft. In this way, the rotation of the spindles on both sides of the winding line is ensured to be constant and synchronous. The assembly accuracy is improved through processing, so as to ensure the concentricity of the wire mould and the wire winding quality.

2. Tension mechanism

When winding fine enamelled wire and precious metal alloy wire, due to the thin wire diameter, if the tension is too large, the wire will break or the wire will be stretched, increasing the DC resistance of the coil; If the tension is too small, random wire arrangement will occur, reducing the winding quality. Because the paying off tensioner of the equipment is fixed on the ball screw array rod, the tension is controlled by felt pressing. In the actual production process, tension devices can be added in important process links to control the size of tension and ensure that the wire arrangement is neat, without overlap and looseness. After careful adjustment, it can completely meet the needs of different wire diameters.

3. Wire arrangement mechanism

As the flexible connection mode is adopted between the ball screw and the stepping motor shaft, the requirements for the positioning surface of the stepping motor base and the assembly requirements of the ball screw and the guide bar are correspondingly reduced. In order to meet the design requirements, the compound wire laying method is used to improve the wire laying mechanism. The commutation control of the winding mechanism is the key to control the quality of the winding coil.