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Working principle and precautions of pipe cutting machine

2022-11-21 10:45:52 美工

Working principle of pipe cutting machine

The principle is that through the mutual cooperation of computer and hydraulic system, the electric system controls the direction of oil path movement of the hydraulic system, and pushes the carriage to move back and forth in a straight line. The microcomputer will walk according to the cutter path customized by the user. During the round trip movement, the signal detected from the carriage limit will be used as the basis to control and change the oil path movement, so as to achieve the expected cutter path.

1. Check before startup

  • Check whether the saw blade is in good condition, and replace it in case of defects and cracks.

  • Replace the corresponding locating pin shaft and guide sleeve according to the specification of high-pressure rubber hose.

2. Operating Steps

  • Turn on the power and start the motor.

  •  Insert the cut high-pressure rubber hose into the replaced guide sleeve, pull the knife handle to drive the rubber hose to push into the saw blade, then the rubber hose will be cut off, and when the sliding plate is reset, it will be pulled back to its original position by two tension springs.

  • Insert the inner hole of the cut rubber tube into the locating pin shaft. When the saw blade rotates, a seam will be cut at the place where the rubber is ready to be peeled to ensure that the rubber tube will have a good rubber breaking effect when peeling.