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Automatic wire stripping realized by wire stripping machine

2022-11-21 11:00:07 美工

With the acceleration of the process of urban industrialization, efficiency has become more and more important. Especially in the past, many human resources have been wasted. It is urgent to realize automation in industries that waste a lot of labor. Now the automatic process of metal wire is realized based on the wire stripping machine. The wire stripping machine, especially the computer wire stripping machine, saves human resources and high efficiency.

Computer wire stripping machine, also known as automatic wire stripping machine, is the general name of today's wire stripping machine processing equipment. It gets rid of the shortcomings of manual pneumatic wire stripping machine and realizes the arrival of the era of automatic wire stripping. Its functions can be divided into: tangent twisting wire stripping machine, tangent parting wire stripping machine, etc; According to the use, it can be divided into: automatic computer wire stripping machine and semi-automatic computer wire stripping machine.

The computer wire stripping machine adopts high-precision wire feeding device. Through the combination of the rapid cutting system and the touch screen, a series of automatic operations are realized, such as automatic wire feeding, double strand wire straightening, automatic cutting, automatic blanking, etc. The processing process does not require manual operation.

The wire stripping machine system is mainly composed of three parts: LCD display, control and stepping motor. The control system uses the touch screen to set the relevant specifications and data of the equipment, so that the equipment can complete the task according to the manual intervention information, and the display module displays the relevant information to achieve human-computer interaction.

Features of touch screen:

1. Easy to operate, all parameters can be modified through the touch screen, which is convenient and fast.

2. Real time display: The touch screen can display the data set, fault report, work count, etc. in real time.

3. Fault report: the fault report includes that the setting data exceeds the parameter range of the wire stripper, the twisting wheel, the cutter does not return to its original position, and the wire is missing. The touch screen will prompt.