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Features of double terminal machine

2022-11-22 13:17:35 美工

Today, let's give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of the double terminal machine.

1. The peeling length is adjusted by computer touch control, which is fast and convenient to change the peeling length.

2. The full-automatic terminal crimping machine adopts servo motor control system to complete sizing, cutting, peeling and other actions, so as to make the accuracy more accurate, the operation more simple and the performance more stable.

3. The pressing position of the terminal is adjusted by panel touch.

4. The terminal pressing height is adjusted with a quick adjustment knob, with an accuracy of 0.02mm per grid. It can be adjusted without using tools, which is accurate and convenient.

5. The design has 100 groups of memory functions, which can shorten the time for changing wire rods.

6. Designed with left and right rotation servo motor control, stable wire feeding.