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What is special about the mute terminal machine?

2022-11-22 13:19:15 美工

Silent terminal machine is a kind of automatic terminal machine. It is called silent terminal machine because of its low sound during operation. What are the characteristics of the mute terminal machine? Now let's introduce the special features of the mute terminal:

1、 Low noise

The noise is low. Almost all mechanical equipment will make noise. However, the noise generated by the mute terminal machine is very small, so it is called mute.

II Fast operation speed and high efficiency

This type of terminal machine is used more and more frequently nowadays, because its operation efficiency is very high. On average, the crimping terminal can be completed in about 1.8 seconds, which can quickly complete a set of routes for fixed length peeling and end dipping tin.

3、 High security

Because all parts are well lubricated and there is no extra power between the parts, the sound will be muted. Other related plans also minimize the collisions between the parts of the equipment.

4、 Less energy consumption

Energy is conserved, including sound and energy conversion. If additional sound is made, more energy will be converted and released. The silent terminal machine is to reduce the energy consumed in sound as much as possible, so as to save energy consumption during production, so that more energy can be concentrated on the finished products, and the efficiency can be guaranteed.

In a word, the special feature of the silent terminal machine is to reduce its unnecessary consumption, so that more energy can be concentrated on production. The seemingly simple words really contain the meaning of energy conversion. The less wear, the longer the service life of the accessories and the whole terminal machine, and reduce the unnecessary consumption of the equipment. Another advantage is that the pressure of the operator is reduced, because sound is also a kind of noise, The greater the noise, the greater the impact on the operator. In any case, the smaller the noise, the smaller the impact on the operator. The operator can focus more on supervising the quality of finished products and the maintenance and supervision of equipment. The silent terminal machine has also won more and more support from wire harness manufacturers because of its special features!