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Position of terminal machine in wire harness industry

2022-11-23 13:08:51 美工

When it comes to terminal machines, manufacturers of wire harness processing will know that this is the most important equipment. Terminal machines also include semi-automatic terminal machines and full-automatic terminal machines. In the past, most manufacturers used semi-automatic equipment, which requires a lot of manual operation. Therefore, in recent years, many wire harness processing manufacturers are gradually selecting full-automatic equipment.

There are many functions of the terminal machine, from single and double end to the current rubber casing, heat shrink tube, sheath, number tube, waterproof plug, twisted wire and tin, etc. Of course, the more functions, the higher the price will be. But the more functions, the more equipment can replace more manual operations, and the more labor costs can be saved.

The wire harness products produced by the terminal machine are widely used. Basically, all wire harness production and processing can be completed by the terminal machine. Therefore, the products produced by the terminal machine are everywhere. The advantages of the terminal machine are high efficiency, labor cost saving, high yield, and specially equipped with a visual inspection system. Basically, it is not a problem that one person can operate several devices together.