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What are the advantages of sheathing terminal machine?

2022-11-24 10:59:14 美工

1. The structural design is relatively simple: break the traditional layout of automatic mobile operation process, and integrate the tangent, peeling, insertion of spring terminals, and penetration of sheath into one equipment.

2. Production efficiency: combine the cutting, peeling, twisting, inserting spring terminals and sheathing that originally required several workers to complete with the full-automatic sheathing and terminal punching machine. If it was done manually, it can only reach 400 pieces per hour. Now it can reach more than 1200 pieces per hour, and the production efficiency has more than tripled.

3. Low use cost: The full servo control of the automatic sheath terminal machine effectively reduces the large-span cooperation of various mechanisms in the traditional operation process, and greatly reduces the running in and instability of mechanical transmission. The simplification of the structure greatly reduces the subsequent maintenance cost, and is stable and easy to use. The motion of the servo motor is mainly controlled by the servo drive signal through PLC, which has the advantages of high precision, long service life, high cost performance, etc.

There are three kinds of wire strippers on the market. At present, the most popular one in China is the automatic wire stripper, which has moderate price and better performance than the ordinary manually operated wire stripper. I believe that the automatic wire stripper will still be the mainstream product in the future.

With the progress of technology, the future development trend of automatic thread cutting machine is that the equipment is smaller, more flexible, versatile and efficient. The demand for time, cost and human resources in these areas will be further reduced. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring profitability, manufacturers may wish to invest more energy in technology research and development to prepare for the future.

Now is the era of full industrial automation. Simple and complicated processing steps have been completed by machines instead of human hands. The automation equipment of wire processing enterprises is a good example. There are full-automatic terminal machines instead of manual terminal making and full-automatic wire binding machines instead of manual wire packing. There is also a process of wire rod that requires a large number of people to operate, and it is slowly being transformed into a machine to do it, that is, a full-automatic wire stripper.

Full automatic wire stripper is the wire stripper with the highest processing automation efficiency and the best quality on the market, and has gradually become the mainstream equipment in wire stripper processing. The fully automatic wire stripper is mainly used for cutting and stripping the internal and external isolation layers of power lines in the electronic industry, especially for the wire stripper inside various electronic and electrical products.

The fully automatic wire stripper is a fully automatic equipment integrating cutting and leveling, skin stripping, endothelium stripping and cutting, and its working efficiency is more than twice that of the old semi-automatic automatic wire cutter. And the computer wire stripper manufacturer can customize the stripping length, parting length and stripping speed according to the actual requirements.