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The importance of computer wire stripper and terminal machine in finishing processing

2022-11-25 13:09:07 美工

There are many kinds of electrical appliances used in life. Electronic products include automobiles and aerospace. Wire harness is an important link in the success or failure of products. The research and development of each product should consider its application in products; As wire harness processing equipment, computer wire stripper and terminal machine are particularly important in wire harness manufacturing. To understand wire harness processing technology, it is necessary to understand the performance of computer wire stripper and terminal machine.

First, let's talk about some functions of the computer wire stripper.

1. The computer wire stripper is an electronic processing equipment for lines within 3mm2. When cutting, it can cut 15m, and the peeling length can reach 120mm. 32 # - 14 # wires can be processed arbitrarily without damaging the copper wire. The accuracy can be adjusted freely within 2m without error, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and ensures the accuracy of wire processing.

2. The computer wire stripper is a processing machine used in elevators and widely used in elevators and large square thick cables. Automobile industry; These products ensure the safety of wire rods. While pursuing the advanced technology of the products, this computerized wire stripper solves the problem of thick wires with different lengths of various wire rods. It is fully controlled by a computer, operated with keys, LCD display, four-wheel drive, and has a large switching capacity. It is suitable for customers;

Let's talk about some functions of the terminal machine.

In short, the terminal machine is a machine used for processing wire, which can press the metal head to the wire end, and then conduct conduction. The wiring of the terminal machine is generally used for wiring. The two wires can be smoothly connected together without welding, and only need to be unplugged when disassembling;

The development of computer wire stripper and terminal machine has promoted the technological progress of the electronic industry. From the initial semi-automatic automation to the current full-automatic, full-automatic technology is also our goal of continuous development in a society where labor costs are increasing.