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Classification of coaxial wire stripping machines

2022-11-25 13:10:58 美工

Classification of coaxial wire stripping machines

According to different functions, the coaxial wire stripper can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic types. The semi-automatic type generally has the characteristics of moderate price, convenient use and fast processing speed, and it has the functions of stripping and twisting. The fully automatic model has three functions: cutting, peeling and twisting. At the same time, as long as the required parameters are set, all processes can be completed automatically, which is very effective. The semi-automatic coaxial wire stripper is usually used to process semi flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cables, such as RG-58.RG-11.RG-59. The motor wire stripper manufacturer uses four V-shaped blades to strip the blades, and places an automatic clamp wire calibration device. It can complete nine layers of stripping, and handle more complex wires and cables, especially for the thin and difficult to handle composite materials previously.

The operators of the fully automatic wire stripping machine must carefully read the machine manual, fully grasp the key structure, characteristics and operating steps of the machine. If there are standards, they need to carry out any learning and training, and can operate on the machine after verifying that the work meets the standards. Observe all warning signs pasted on mechanical equipment, improve the awareness of safety precautions, prevent safety accidents and ensure the life safety of operators.

The switching power supply of the automatic wire stripping machine must be the same as the specific switching power supply on the nameplate of the factory. The grounding equipment must be accurate and reliable. When repairing mechanical equipment and opening the cover of the main box, you must first turn off the switching power supply to avoid electric shock accidents or safety accidents, which may lead to the death of mechanical equipment. After the work is completed, the power supply should also be cut off. The working environment should be dry and naturally ventilated. Do not use the automatic wire stripping machine near water resources or on wet and cold roads. Do not accumulate flammable, combustible and explosive materials around the machine and equipment.

It is prohibited to place the console and the shell of the automatic wire stripper on the plan to avoid damage to the screwdriver, hex wrench, rocker and other tools and other dirt, prevent them from falling into the wire stripper and drive chain, damage the equipment, and do not use tap water to clean the automatic wire stripper, so as to avoid short circuit failure, safety accidents and corrosion.