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Difference between stripping machine and stripping machine

2022-11-25 13:14:15 美工

If we want to know the difference between a stripping machine and a stripping machine, let us first understand what a stripping machine is and what a stripping machine is:

1. What is a peeling machine

Peeling machine generally refers to the electro-pneumatic operation, using pneumatic valve driver tool holder for wire stripping effect. According to different wire harness types and production and processing requirements, the arrangement and combination of tools can be changed to perform disconnection, branch, peeling, semi-peeling and other work.

2. What is stripping machine

Stripping machine generally refers to the use of intelligent control system and motor driver. It can be divided into ultra-short line type, automatic tangential twist type, sheath special type, wire arrangement type and coaxial wire type according to the different wires.

3. The difference between stripping machine and peeling machine

First of all, both are production equipment that separates wire outer skin from wire core. Peeling machine must connect pneumatic valve for production and manufacturing. According to the requirements of different production and processing, the composition and arrangement of tool holder needs to be adjusted, and automatic production and manufacturing with foot pedal type is adopted. The advantage is more cost-effective.

Stripping machine is relatively executable. It can produce and process different wires without removing and replacing the tool head. It has the characteristics of large function, high production efficiency and fast speed. The disadvantage is that the price is higher than that of the stripping machine and the suitable machine can be selected according to its own requirements.

With the progress of science and technology, more and more automatic equipment not only greatly improves people's work efficiency, but also improves production capacity. The computer stripper is a kind of equipment controlled by computer, which can cut off wires and peel off skin, and set internal parameters of computer.