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The maintenance knowledge of wire cutting machines

2022-11-28 14:27:09 美工

In the wire and cable industry, it is necessary to use wire cutting machines. Do you know the maintenance procedure for the wire cutting machine?


1. Wipe the outside of the cutting machine frequently to keep it clean so as to avoid dust entering the parts and blocking them.

2. After each use, check whether the plugs, screws and other parts of the wire cutting machine have fallen off or become loose. Re-twist the loose parts in time to avoid the loss of parts.

3. Check the plug wire for possible breakage and leakage before use to avoid potential safety hazards in operation.

4. Clean the turning wheels before and after use and check whether they are in good condition. Whether the rotation is smooth or not, if one card and one card are rotated, the runner should be lubricated.

5. Check the belt and motor of wire cutting machine for foreign matters before use to keep the motor and belt clean. Avoid debris being deposited in the belt or motor, which may cause wire cutting machine failure. And the belt must not be oiled, otherwise it will slip.