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Performance characteristics of computer wire cutting machine

2022-11-28 14:29:04 美工

Computer wire cutting machine is a fully automatic technology product, which is applied in many fields of life with its unique advantages and brings important help to production and processing. Understanding the general knowledge of the cutting machine will contribute to better development and application.

The greatest advantage of the computer wire cutting machine is computer control, which can change and standardize data in time with high accuracy, speed and safety. It is used in various environments. Its main performance is reflected in five aspects, namely speed, strength, length, accuracy and randomness.

1. The cutting machine is fast and can reach 200 pieces per minute, which greatly exceeds manual operation and brings high efficiency.

2. The cutting machine has strong cutting capacity and strength advantage. It is suitable for all kinds of cable and can serve group well.

3. The tangent length of the cutting machine can be set at will, and can be cut in different lengths according to actual needs to meet various needs.

4. The cutting precision of computer cutting machine is high, and can reach <0.3% of the slight difference. The precision is very accurate, and there will be no waste or shortage.

5. Due to the computer control and strong randomness, the computer wire cutting machine can be changed according to different needs to meet the needs of the public and occupy a unique advantage in the current market.