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How to deal with harness processing equipment alarm?

2022-11-29 14:35:36 美工

The terminal machine is a machine used for wire processing. It can press the five gold heads to the wire ends, and then conduct. The terminals made by the terminal machine are usually used for more convenient connection. They can stably connect two wires together without welding. When removing, you just need to pull it out. It is a kind of wire end processing equipment, mainly used in electronic plants. Now let's introduce how to deal with the alarm of wire harness processing equipment?

1. Error code alarm

If there is an error code alarm, the corresponding error code is displayed directly. In fact, this is easy to handle. As long as you take out the corresponding manual of the fully automatic terminal machine, there is usually an error code comparison table in it, and you can quickly locate the possible problem.

2. Red light alarm

Generally, this alarm lamp will display three colors: green, yellow and red. Green indicates normal, yellow indicates general fault, and red indicates serious fault. It may be necessary to stop  for troubleshooting.

For example, if the motor is out of step, the driver alarm light is red, which is a typical serious problem.

3. Audible alarm

Just like the alarm on the computer motherboard, different signals can be replaced by long and short sounds alternately, and the error type can also be judged according to different sound combination signals. There is also a comparison code table.