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Requirements of automatic terminal machine for air compressor

2022-11-29 14:38:04 美工

First of all, the automatic terminal machine needs two power drives during operation, one is the supply of electric servo motor, the other is the drive of pneumatic gas. What are the requirements for pneumatic gas supply to ensure that the machine has no problems?

1. The pressure is convenient and adjustable

Different types of terminal machines may require different compressed air pressures. For example, the automatic terminal compressor is specified to require 0.5Mpa, so the air pressure demand is adjustable.

2. Stable gas supply

As you can see in the product parameters, there are specific regulations on gas pressure, so the air supply demand of the air compressor is stable to the required range. If it cannot be met, the production of the entire harness may be affected.

3. Keep clean and dry

The compressed air of the air compressor not only needs to meet the standard, but also needs to adhere to the drying and cleaning of the air, so the maintenance of the air compressor is also very important.