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Functional features of fully automatic terminal machines

2022-11-29 14:39:58 美工

1. Suitable for 1.25 terminal, 2.0 terminal, 2.5 terminal, etc. The cutting length is 20-1000 mm. This terminal machine has the same principle as a cantilever rack except that the terminal machine has a small cantilever and is also ring mounted.

2.Cut wire skins of up to 2-8 colors automatically, crimp terminals, and insert shells.

3. It can handle the insertion of single row and double row shells and 20-hole shells.

4.Cartridge-free end can be realized by pulling through sheath and crimping, soldering twisted wire and other processes.

5.The product is equipped with CCD visual management and pressure management to improve product reliability.

6. The number of thread cutting and laying can be arbitrary, and the color of electronic wire can be matched arbitrarily.

7.The optional pressure monitoring system curve analysis for terminal crimping can alarm shutdown in case of abnormity.

8.Rubber-threaded housing with pressure sensor can separate defective products.

9.The rubber-threading machine is suitable for many kinds of rubber-shells, only a few accessories need to be replaced.

10. The equipment is controlled by parameters of man-machine interface. Various parameters are controlled by numbers and the operation is simple and flexible.