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Precautions for selecting air compressor of full-automatic terminal machine

2022-11-30 15:32:31 美工

When using the full-automatic terminal machine, the air compressor should be used, the pressure should be stable at about 5 kg, clean and dry. It is mainly used to drive the clamping cylinder, torsion mechanism and glue suction device of the full-automatic terminal machine. Purchase air compressor and use it with automatic terminal machine. The air compressor is purchased independently and is not included in the automatic terminal machine. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing air compressors?

1. Scientific planning

  • Determine the size and number of air compressors.

  • The number of post-processing devices is not as good as more, but configured according to needs.

  • The machine room shall be located in a clean and well ventilated 0place, away from dust.

  • The selection of elbows, joints and pipe diameters shall be minimized in pipeline layout; In this way, the automatic terminal machine will not be affected during processing.

2. Gas consumption planning

  • The capacity of the air compressor is too large, resulting in high waste of no-load energy of the air compressor.

  • Too many filters are installed, causing great pressure damage and high energy waste.

  • The air compressors are not centralized gas supply, but distributed throughout the plant with independent pipelines, which not only increases the equipment procurement cost, but also increases the pipeline cost and operation and maintenance cost.

  • The ambient temperature in the air compressor room is too high, which is equivalent to reducing the efficiency, exhaust volume and energy consumption of the air compressor. Every 100 ℃ increase in ambient temperature is equivalent to a 3% reduction in press efficiency.

  • The pipe layout is unreasonable, there are too many elbow joints, and the pressure loss increases. The automatic terminal machine is unstable during processing, and the line voltage connection is poor.

3. System control and management.

  • The outlet pressure of the air compressor is set high, resulting in increased energy consumption and waste. For every 1kg/cm2 increase, the energy consumption will increase by about 6%.

  • Multiple air compressors operate as loading and unloading action or capacity regulation (partial load) at the same time, increasing energy waste.

  • The machine is poorly maintained or out of date, small problems accumulate into major failures, and the service life of the machine is artificially shortened.

  • The environment of the machine room is too dirty, resulting in frequent replacement of air compressor filter, oil filter, oil gas separator and cooling oil.

  • Try to make the air compressor run at full load to reduce the no-load time.

  • Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine.

4. Equipment procurement.

According to the ten years of service life, the equipment procurement cost accounts for 5-10%, the maintenance cost accounts for 5-10%, and the power consumption cost accounts for 80-90%. Therefore, the working efficiency of the machine should be considered first when purchasing. Energy conservation is to make money. Operation stability and maintenance convenience are also qualitative and maintenance convenience.