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Process Performance Introduction of Wire Harness for Fully Automatic Terminal Machine

2022-11-30 14:45:07 美工

With the development of miniaturization, modularity and intelligence of electronic connectors, the requirement for crimping quality of automatic terminals is getting higher and higher. In all kinds of electrical equipment used in our daily life, electronic products include wire harness processing for automobile and aerospace. Wire harness is an important part of the success or failure of products. The application of wire harness in products must be considered in the development of each product. It is very important to build automatic terminal machine as wire harness processing equipment. To understand the processing technology of wire harness, the function of automatic terminal machine must be understood.

The automatic wiring device includes an insulated base, which is characterized by slotted holes in the base and conductive parts placed in the slotted holes, in which the conductive parts include the parts in the slotted holes and the welding parts of the exposed base, with the middle connected by a flexible joint.

By comparing with the existing basic technology, the slotted holes of wire terminals on the insulator base are more convenient because there is no inclined plane structure on the base, so the clamping part of the conductive parts can be directly inserted into the slotted holes. Moreover, the clamping part of the conductive part can be directly inserted into the groove hole. The welding section can also leave slots for the welding section, which can also be secured by means of positioning columns to ensure a reliable connection between the pins and the conductive parts.

The automatic terminal machine also has insulation system, which greatly reduces the cost of insulation in buildings and improves the comprehensive competitiveness of products. The automatic wiring unit is equipped with excellent corrosion and wear resistance. The auxiliary terminal machine of automatic terminal machine uses the terminals with FM control system popular in European market. The frame structure is exquisite. The universal OTP/2000 type horizontal and direct clamping dies are applicable. They are identical to the existing semi-automatic terminal cutters and dies.