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Safety operation instructions of full-automatic stripping machine

2022-12-01 15:51:57 美工

The operator of the full-automatic wire stripping machine must carefully read the instruction manual, master the key structure, characteristics and operating steps of the machine in an all-round way, and carry out any learning and training if there is a standard. After the work experience certificate reaches the standard, the operator can operate the machine. All warning signs pasted on machinery and equipment shall be followed to enhance safety awareness and prevent safety accidents, so as to ensure the life safety of operators.

The switching power supply of the full-automatic wire stripping machine must be the same as the specific switching power supply on the factory nameplate, and the grounding device must be accurate and reliable (for machines and equipment that use three-level power plugs, the role of the grounding device cannot be changed at will). When opening the cover of the main box for maintenance of machines and equipment, be sure to disconnect the switch power supply first to avoid electric shock accidents or fatal accidents of mechanical equipment. At the end of the work, the power supply should also be disconnected. The working environment should be dry and ventilated. The full-automatic wire stripping machine should not be used near water resources or wet and cold areas on the road. Inflammable, flammable and explosive objects should not be stacked around the machinery and equipment.