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Present situation of wire harness processing equipment

2022-12-01 15:54:04 美工

(1) Small and medium-sized wire harness enterprises are facing more intense market competition than large wire harness enterprises. To take a place in the market by relying on the low profit margin of wire harness products, wire harness processing enterprises must substantially reduce costs, increase output and increase productivity. In order to obtain a certain profit, the most direct way is to introduce modern automatic wire harness processing equipment, automatic terminal machine, automatic soldering machine and one machine for multiple use. To meet the various processing requirements of wire harnesses.

(2) With the popularization of automobile family and household appliances, the configuration requirements of automobile and household appliances will become more and more diversified, complicated and non-standardized. Wire harness factory will produce tens of thousands or even hundreds of sets. Wire harness production is characterized by multi-variety and small-batch. Wire harness products and services are becoming customized.

(3) With the rapid change of customer demand, wire harness enterprise orders change frequently and material replacement is complicated.

(4) Wire harness processing equipment as the central nerve of automobile and household appliances has high quality requirements. Furthermore, once the wire harness quality fails to meet the standards, it is difficult to repair and use it. To meet this requirement, pressure detection devices can be installed on automatic terminals and automatic soldering machines, which can control the product yield and thus greatly control the yield of finished wire harnesses.

(5) Small and medium-sized wire harness enterprises have a low level of automation, low overall quality of personnel, and relatively weak capital and technical strength. Fully automatic terminal machine, fully automatic soldering machine, no professional training, simple operation, simple input requirements, one can take care of 8-10 sets of equipment, greatly saving labor and enterprise material costs, thus increasing revenue.