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What are the characteristics of robot harness

2022-12-02 13:04:34 美工

Robots are used more and more widely in factories. With different functions of industrial robots, different cables will be selected for different harness characteristics. The robot harness is mainly divided into signal circuit harness and power circuit harness. Because the harness often needs to be bent and twisted in machine equipment, the requirements for signal wire and power wire are also very high.

The main function of robot harness is to transfer data and information from one component to another. In smart home and industrial applications, electronic wiring harness can be seen everywhere. It is also necessary to test the length requirements between test points and between connectors and wire ends, such as tension tests and continuity tests. In order to ensure that wires and connectors are firmly placed together, some factors should be paid attention to at each stage of electronic harness design, and a series of specified characteristics of products required by customers should be specified, such as wire size, wire type, insulating material and other specifications.

The robot harness is mainly used for wires and cables with fixed wiring inside the machine, such as the connecting harness in the control device. Mainly used in electronic and electrical products. Most industries require connecting harnesses. The largest market segment is telecommunications, followed by industrial automation equipment such as automobiles and instruments, and the third largest market is medical, aviation, railway, transportation, etc; The harness is mainly used for UPS, power distribution and other AC uninterruptible power supply systems.