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New Energy Vehicle Harness

2022-12-02 13:05:23 美工

With the continuous increase of new energy vehicles in recent years, the safety performance requirements of vehicles are becoming more and more stringent. New energy vehicle wiring harness is the blood of the vehicle, which directly affects the safety of new energy vehicles. The performance of the new energy vehicle wiring harness can not only depend on the performance of the components of the vehicle, but also on the coordination and cooperation between the components and the overall structure of the vehicle to a large extent. Because a car is a whole of many elements (subsystems and connecting parts), each of which has an impact on the overall behavior.

The behaviour of the wire harness for new energy vehicles is not what any of its components can do. Vehicles have systematic attributes and are integral to the environment. If the attributes of the subsystem match the coordinated vehicle, the coordinated vehicle has more functions than the sum of the functions of the subsystems that make up the coordinated vehicle. However, if the attributes of the subsystems interfere with each other due to disorder, the functions of the subsystems with good performance can be cancelled out by mutual control, such as power cycle and axle steering, which are typical examples. The system integrity and function level revealed by system theory must be mapped to the task of vehicle design, and the ultimate goal of vehicle design is comprehensive optimization of vehicle performance.

The hierarchical social form of automobile design is manifested as the upper design task is to determine the target to be achieved by the lower design task. The lower design is the main means to achieve the upper design function. The upper and lower system can be designed step by step from the overall design. The overall design of the vehicle is undoubtedly at the top of the system. All activities of the design subsystem must be carried out within the framework of the overall design structure. While subsystem design is important, the rules for designing subsystem combinations and interactive systems have a more general impact on vehicle performance and quality. Automotive design is the theory that guides the practice of automobile design. The long-term accumulation of automobile design experience and the development and progress of automobile production technology can make the automobile design theory develop and improve constantly.

The design of wire harness for new energy automobile is the method and means for automobile company to develop and design, as well as the software and hardware for automobile design practice. Automotive is a typical mechanical product, including a variety of typical mechanical components, parts, various metal and non-metallic materials, etc. Its design theory is obviously based on mechanical design theory. At the same time, such factors as structure characteristics, complex and changeable service conditions and large production scale are considered.